Must-Have Items for Star Wars and Star Trek Fans

Star Wars Item

Star Wars and Star Trek are one of the oldest and most successful movie franchise in the world. In fact, these two different movies have two different plot stories and philosophical issues. Star Trek comes with a story of space exploration while Star Wars focuses on the choice between goods and bad. In fact, there are more than thousands of loyal fans for both movies. We try to list few chosen geek must-have item for Star Wars and Star Trek

First, we will talk about the geek stuff for those who are fans of Star Trek. One characteristic Star Trek items or toys are coming with galaxy theme. In addition, One of the most well-known Star Trek accessories is Star Trek: Klingon Disruptor. This is must-have item If you are big fans of them. The next Star Trek weapon toyshould collect is Star Trek Handle Phaser. The handle phaser has iconic action lights like in the movie. If you want to have a real galaxy experience like in the movie of Star Trek, this Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future. This book provides all the things about the movie which is the best way for you to get closer to the details of the movie.

Next, One thing you should have is a Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers. The lightsaber is the weapon which is used by the characters in the movie. You can act like the character in the movie using this weapon. As big fans of Star Wars, you should have special Edition BB-Sphero. With Force Band. Using this cool stuff, you were like a Jedi Knight, you can control this BB-Sphero by waving your hands and do Force Training as well as collect holocorns. Another Star Wars toy you should have is Star Wars 40th Anniversary Monopoly. You can play this Star Wars monopoly with your other Star Wars fans, family, and friends. May the Force be with you! And gambler of the also like the above info.

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