Star Trek Popular Science Fiction Movie

Star Trek Popular Science Fiction Movie

Star Trek is one of the most popular TV series in 1990’s. It is a science fiction film from America which created by Gene Roddenbery. It is produced in the first as TV series and now it becomes The Original Series. The original series first debut was in 1966. On the first or original series it was running in three seasons. The ratting of the series was poor and it was canceled. But later, years after that, this judi online series was filmed and got success.

There are several films from that have been succeed and bring this TV series becomes popular and famous following the movie such as Star Wars. If we are looked back to the first series, we will find that this film was created in many series and have different story with same cast. From the first time it is released until today in next generation of this series will give interesting plot and story that should not be missed.

The first series are released in 1966 and they are in TV series which will not get enough success at that time. Well, later the series are made as film and it get succeed in 1977 as Star Trek: Phase II. Later in 1978 it is also produced as Star Trek: The Motion Picture and continued to the next generation of Star Trek which has more attractive plot and story.

Star Trek Cast

In The Original Series, there are several films that are produced start from The Motion Picture in 1979, then The Wrath of Khan in (Start Trek II) 1982, The Search for Spock in 1984, The Voyage Home in 1986, The Final Frontier in 1989, and The Undiscovered Country in 1991 as the Sixth film series. In 1994, it is produced the next generation of the film that begins with Start Trek Generations in 1994 and continued with First Contact in 1996, Insurrection in 1998 and then Nemesis in 2002. Those films have different story and plot but still in the same theme and some of them still use the original crew. Later, the film is rebooted and become the most popular film today.

The reboot films of this series were created in 2009 as the first reboot film and the latest reboot film was created in 2016. The first reboot film in 2009 get the tittle as Star Trek and using the younger version of the original series cast. The second taruhan bola reboot film was created in 2013 where the tittle is Star Trek Into Darkness and the story take place in London and San Francisco.

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The third reboot film was created in 2016 and become the latest reboot film of this series. It is Star Trek Beyond that released on July 2016. It is also become the celebration of 50’s anniversary of the franchise. The reboot films are feel likely the original series but there are many new thing to the film. So this film is something like legendary and you who like to watch film should watch all of the film series of Star Trek.

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