Star Wars Pay-to-Win Microtransactions

Star Wars Pay-to-Win Microtransactions – Will it be a Good Option to Add?

The most recent news about the release of the latest Star Wars game is the feature offered by EA of pay-to-win microtransaction. This is the option which is considered as an unfair option or at least a lot of an who don’t really like this feature to be added to the latest game of Star Wars Battlefront II. For those who might not really familiar with the issue, this kind of feature is the one that you can also find in some other game like Android game or app.

It will let you pay for a certain feature or additional bonus that you can enjoy after you purchase it. This is why many fans of Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t really support this feature given by EA. Although the game is still in a beta version which will leave some space for improvement, there are already some negative responses by the game fans. This feature will leave everyone that can afford the value for certain tweaks to make the game less enjoyable. Moreover, this feature will also easily unlock some favorite heroes like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. This is why the discussion of this game feature has been a hot news until today.

What’s More for the Fan of Star Wars Battlefront?

One thing that we should know about this controversy is that this feature will likely make the game less interesting to play. It makes everyone who can afford the item will easily tweak the game to make the character or even the loot to be earned easily. This is how this feature comes with a negative response from the fans. After the negative response showed by fans of this game, EA finally removes this microtransaction from this game. It seems that it has a significant response from the fans of this game that makes EA remove this feature. Since this controversy appeared to be very significant for every fan of Star Wars game, Lucasfilm comes also with the response to EA decision.

Lucasfilm seems to have the same position to support the decision taken by EA related to the negative response to microtransaction. Together with EA, Disney has also their part with microtransactions. However, their decision to do the same thing to put the in-app purchase in Star Wars Battlefront is not a good idea. It seems that the controversy has gone too hot for Disney. Although this removal of the in-app-like feature of microtransactions seems to be temporary, it can also be a permanent option for Disney and EA to remove microtransaction forever.

Moreover, we don’t really know the further response of Star Wars Battlefront fans in which it will also affect the sales of this game in the future. We can only wait for the further response from the fans and the sale of this game that might affect the decision of EA and Disney for the microtransaction. So far, this decision is a good option to choose by EA and DICE since they don’t usually have microtransaction in some similar games previously.