Four Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

Four Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

Star Wars is a popular movie that has a lot of fans around the world. In the movies, the portrayal of the heroes probably make you fawn over the protagonists. However, if you want to try to be on the dark side for a while and feel the experience of being a bad guy in the stories, you can try to play some these Star Wars games. The four games that will be explained on the following paragraph let the players explore the Force’s dark side.

The list below will give a brief description of each of the four Star Wars games.

– The Old Republic: this game let the users choose whether to follow the Light or the Dark sides of the Force. The storyline of the game will depend on the choice you made. Choosing the Dark Sides will make the Sith characters seem particularly evil.

– Knights of the Old Republic: this game will give you an awesome RPG experience, allowing the playes to choose how the character would end up. You are needed to make repeated choices that will affects everything around your character.

Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

– Jedi Academy: in this game, you will start as the new generation of Luke Skywalker. However, you can earn various dark sides perks through Jedi Academy campaign.

– The Force Unleashed: this game will give you the most satisfying feeling of being on the Force’s dark sides. You can play as either Starkiller or Darth Vader and use the Force to wreck the enemies and controlling people minds.
Those are some of the best Star Wars games you can try if you want to taste the Force’s Dark Sides. All of these games are fun to play, so if you are a fan of Star Wars, try each of them, and enjoy the feeling of being a bad guy on a sci-fi story!