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Must-Have Items for Star Wars and Star Trek Fans

Star Wars and Star Trek are one of the oldest and most successful movie franchise in the world. In fact, these two different movies have two different plot stories and philosophical issues. Star Trek comes with a story of space exploration while Star Wars focuses on the choice between goods and bad. In fact, there are more than thousands of loyal fans for both movies. We try to list few chosen geek must-have item for Star Wars and Star Trek

First, we will talk about the geek stuff for those who are fans of Star Trek. One characteristic Star Trek items or toys are coming with galaxy theme. In addition, One of the most well-known Star Trek accessories is Star Trek: Klingon Disruptor. This is must-have item If you are big fans of them. The next Star Trek weapon toyshould collect is Star Trek Handle Phaser. The handle phaser has iconic action lights like in the movie. If you want to have a real galaxy experience like in the movie of Star Trek, this Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future. This book provides all the things about the movie which is the best way for you to get closer to the details of the movie.

Next, One thing you should have is a Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers. The lightsaber is the weapon which is used by the characters in the movie. You can act like the character in the movie using this weapon. As big fans of Star Wars, you should have special Edition BB-Sphero. With Force Band. Using this cool stuff, you were like a Jedi Knight, you can control this BB-Sphero by waving your hands and do Force Training as well as collect holocorns. Another Star Wars toy you should have is Star Wars 40th Anniversary Monopoly. You can play this Star Wars monopoly with your other Star Wars fans, family, and friends. May the Force be with you! And gambler of the also like the above info.

About Star Wars

Everything about Star Wars and Star Trek

Star Wars and Star Trek; the two sci-fi franchises that help shape today’s world’s pop culture. Both amass a significant amount of fan bases; each fan base comprises of devoted followers that are ready to defend their revered icon. The two may have different timeline; Star Trek began in 1966 while Star Wars in 1977. But a difference in time of almost ten years does not really mean anything today as the defining line that sets the two apart from each other oftentimes gets blurred. It’s not rare to encounter anyone mistaking one for the other, which irks even the most casual of each franchise’s fans.

There was a time back in the day when Nontonfilm88 being a fan of either Star Trek or Star Wars is a sign of exclusivism. Only those with distinct taste for sci-fi enjoyed the two. However, more than two decades into the 21st millennium, both are a common staple within the confine of today’s pop culture. The latest releases of respective franchises are big news, a flagpole to the studio making the products. New casts, plot details, merchandises, and who directs what, everything is a subject for public to scrutinize.

This is of course in contrast to how it was back in the day. With the invention of the Internet, everything now becomes available for mass consumption. Still, there are people who cannot tell Star Trek from Star Wars. At times, a story plot from one franchise is referred to when talking about the other. To some, this may not be that big of issue to rectify. But to some, this is a great source of shame. Get your updates on both franchises here so the next time you get into a conversation that involves this subject matter, you don’t embarrass yourself and inflict wrath of the nerds all around the world. For more information, just come to BRAND as this offers anything for you.

Star Wars Pay-to-Win Microtransactions

Star Wars Pay-to-Win Microtransactions – Will it be a Good Option to Add?

The most recent news about the release of the latest Star Wars game is the feature offered by EA of pay-to-win microtransaction. This is the option which is considered as an unfair option or at least a lot of an who don’t really like this feature to be added to the latest game of Star Wars Battlefront II. For those who might not really familiar with the issue, this kind of feature is the one that you can also find in some other game like Android game or app.

It will let you pay for a certain feature or additional bonus that you can enjoy after you purchase it. This is why many fans of Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t really support this feature given by EA. Although the game is still in a beta version which will leave some space for improvement, there are already some negative responses by the game fans. This feature will leave everyone that can afford the value for certain tweaks to make the game less enjoyable. Moreover, this feature will also easily unlock some favorite heroes like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. This is why the discussion of this game feature has been a hot news until today.

What’s More for the Fan of Star Wars Battlefront?

One thing that we should know about this controversy is that this feature will likely make the game less interesting to play. It makes everyone who can afford the item will easily tweak the game to make the character or even the loot to be earned easily. This is how this feature comes with a negative response from the fans. After the negative response showed by fans of this game, EA finally removes this microtransaction from this game. It seems that it has a significant response from the fans of this game that makes EA remove this feature. Since this controversy appeared to be very significant for every fan of Star Wars game, Lucasfilm comes also with the response to EA decision.

Lucasfilm seems to have the same position to support the decision taken by EA related to the negative response to microtransaction. Together with EA, Disney has also their part with microtransactions. However, their decision to do the same thing to put the in-app purchase in Star Wars Battlefront is not a good idea. It seems that the controversy has gone too hot for Disney. Although this removal of the in-app-like feature of microtransactions seems to be temporary, it can also be a permanent option for Disney and EA to remove microtransaction forever.

Moreover, we don’t really know the further response of Star Wars Battlefront fans in which it will also affect the sales of this game in the future. We can only wait for the further response from the fans and the sale of this game that might affect the decision of EA and Disney for the microtransaction. So far, this decision is a good option to choose by EA and DICE since they don’t usually have microtransaction in some similar games previously.

The Most Important Piece of Star Wars and Star Trek Difference

The Most Important Piece of Star Wars and Star Trek Difference

To casual moviegoers such as star trek star wars difference is not something too big of a deal to pay attention to. Both franchises are set in space, involve many characters, and it is easy to mistake one for the other. To a hardcore, devoted fan of either franchise, hearing someone saying the two do not differ in one way or another (or that the two titles can be used interchangeably) is an offense bordering only crime. And you should not confuse the two franchises as they differ in so many ways, more than what you can think of. Curious? Let’s see what sets the two apart from each other.

The first thing about star trek star wars difference is their story. Star Trek was conceived as a TV series from the get-go. It was first imagined as an adventure story oh Horatio Hornblower in Western genre. The concept then evolved into a sci-fi series that put its focus on future human society’s prospect of utopian nature. The series was and is influenced highly by Gulliver’s Travels, a theme which is reflected on the series’ main premise: a space exploration and a society on galactic level along with some conflicts that occasionally take place. Although the series also embraces themes such as time travel, the given timeline for the main plot ranges from the 22nd century through the 24th.

Star Trek was conceived as a TV series

The planet Earth within the Star Trek setting is pretty much the same with real-world Earth, in terms of history. On the other hand, Star Wars was developed mainly in movie format. There was a novel made a year before the first entry of the franchise was released, based on the script, but the true nature of Star Wars was always intended for movie format from the beginning. In general, Star Wars fall under the category of space opera, itself is a subgenre of the larger science fiction umbrella.

Star Wars is about conflicts among the members of a galactic society. These conflicts are the central of the original entries within the franchise while other media such as video game, spinoffs, comics, and novels may depict a period of peace. Star Wars is also famous for its use of opening line “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”, which also serves as a clue for the timeframe at which the stories take place.

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The star trek star wars difference also extends to technical sides of either franchise. There have been six live action TV series under the Star Trek banner, whereas Star Wars has yet to produce its own. There have been zero television films under the banner of Star Trek while Star Wars has at least three of them. These Star Wars’ spinoffs were set in the same universe as other entries but were not canon. Both possess equally strong fan base that devote their passion and dedication to each franchise. The total runtime of Star Trek is 513 hours for its TV series and 23 hours for its films. Star Wars’ total runtime is 84 hours, gathered from the original movies combined with shows that are canon.

Star Trek Popular Science Fiction Movie

Star Trek Popular Science Fiction Movie

Star Trek is one of the most popular TV series in 1990’s. It is a science fiction film from America which created by Gene Roddenbery. It is produced in the first as TV series and now it becomes The Original Series. The original series first debut was in 1966. On the first or original series it was running in three seasons. The ratting of the series was poor and it was canceled. But later, years after that, this judi online series was filmed and got success.

There are several films from that have been succeed and bring this TV series becomes popular and famous following the movie such as Star Wars. If we are looked back to the first series, we will find that this film was created in many series and have different story with same cast. From the first time it is released until today in next generation of this series will give interesting plot and story that should not be missed.

The first series are released in 1966 and they are in TV series which will not get enough success at that time. Well, later the series are made as film and it get succeed in 1977 as Star Trek: Phase II. Later in 1978 it is also produced as Star Trek: The Motion Picture and continued to the next generation of Star Trek which has more attractive plot and story.

Star Trek Cast

In The Original Series, there are several films that are produced start from The Motion Picture in 1979, then The Wrath of Khan in (Start Trek II) 1982, The Search for Spock in 1984, The Voyage Home in 1986, The Final Frontier in 1989, and The Undiscovered Country in 1991 as the Sixth film series. In 1994, it is produced the next generation of the film that begins with Start Trek Generations in 1994 and continued with First Contact in 1996, Insurrection in 1998 and then Nemesis in 2002. Those films have different story and plot but still in the same theme and some of them still use the original crew. Later, the film is rebooted and become the most popular film today.

The reboot films of this series were created in 2009 as the first reboot film and the latest reboot film was created in 2016. The first reboot film in 2009 get the tittle as Star Trek and using the younger version of the original series cast. The second taruhan bola reboot film was created in 2013 where the tittle is Star Trek Into Darkness and the story take place in London and San Francisco.

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The third reboot film was created in 2016 and become the latest reboot film of this series. It is Star Trek Beyond that released on July 2016. It is also become the celebration of 50’s anniversary of the franchise. The reboot films are feel likely the original series but there are many new thing to the film. So this film is something like legendary and you who like to watch film should watch all of the film series of Star Trek.

Comparison of Star Wars VS Star Trek

Comparison of Star Wars VS Star Trek

Star Wars and Star Trek are technological know-how fiction media franchises that gift opportunity situations of area journey. The two streams have supplied numerous styles of productions in media area for a long decades. In that way, they manipulate millions of dollars of intellectual assets, providing employment and enjoyment for millions of people around the area. It isn’t a wonder if there is a massive comparison among Star Wars vs Star Trek.

The Comparison between Star Wars vs Star Trek
Aside from having the phrase “Star” in their big name, the two media franchises proportion many differences. Let’s start with Star Wars. Star Wars has its starting place in the movie, in spite of the novel based on the original script of the film already published a year before the movie itself. In particular, belongs to the space opera sub-genre of science fiction that become inspired by means of works along with Beowulf, King Arthur and other mythologies, world religions and historic and medieval records. It depicts a galactic society in steady warfare.

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Although there are intervals of peace, these are only documented in novels, comics, video games, non-characteristic movies and other spin-off media. Star Wars are about “a long term in the past, in a galaxy far, some distance away.” Even though many characters are human, on occasion use earth metaphors and exhibit human man or woman developments. Even though Star Wars populate various sorts of media, no longer all kinds had been produced which might be mutual to each franchise.

Star Wars has not produced any stay-action TV collection, but it has produced at the least three stay-movement TV movies out of doors the famous person wars film saga. The Star Wars holiday unique, which are Ewoks: Battle for Endor and Ewoks: Caravan of Courage, are all stay-movement TV spin-off movies set in the Star Wars universe, but not considered part of the professional Star Wars canon. Other than that, it has been known that there are different run-time agen bola terpercaya between Star Wars vs Star Trek. In Star Wars, its run-time has been about 18 hours in the form of Star wars movies and a bit more.

Star Trek

Next, Star Trek has its origin in television. The franchise becomes conceived within the fashion of the TV western wagon educate and the adventure stories of Horatio Hornblower but developed into an idealistic, Utopian prospect of destiny human society. Stimulated with the aid of Gulliver’s travels, Star Trek’s main focus is on area exploration and a galactic society inclusive of multiple planets and species, where war once in a while occurs.

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Star Trek occurs in the surprisingly distant future, especially the twenty-second thru twenty-fourth centuries, with occasional time journey. The earth of the Star Trek universe shares maximum of its history with the real world. Star Trek has produced five stay-action TV collections, with a 6th collection planned to begin airing in 2017. Star Trek likewise has no longer produced any television movies. As it has been stated that there is a difference between Star Wars vs Star Trek in its run-time, Star Trek has ran about 513 hours in the television and about 23 hours for the Star Trek films.


Four Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

Four Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

Star Wars is a popular movie that has a lot of fans around the world. In the movies, the portrayal of the heroes probably make you fawn over the protagonists. However, if you want to try to be on the dark side for a while and feel the experience of being a bad guy in the stories, you can try to play some these Star Wars games. The four games that will be explained on the following paragraph let the players explore the Force’s dark side.

The list below will give a brief description of each of the four Star Wars games.

– The Old Republic: this game let the users choose whether to follow the Light or the Dark sides of the Force. The storyline of the game will depend on the choice you made. Choosing the Dark Sides will make the Sith characters seem particularly evil.

– Knights of the Old Republic: this game will give you an awesome RPG experience, allowing the playes to choose how the character would end up. You are needed to make repeated choices that will affects everything around your character.

Star Wars Games to Taste the Dark Side

– Jedi Academy: in this game, you will start as the new generation of Luke Skywalker. However, you can earn various dark sides perks through Jedi Academy campaign.

– The Force Unleashed: this game will give you the most satisfying feeling of being on the Force’s dark sides. You can play as either Starkiller or Darth Vader and use the Force to wreck the enemies and controlling people minds.
Those are some of the best Star Wars games you can try if you want to taste the Force’s Dark Sides. All of these games are fun to play, so if you are a fan of Star Wars, try each of them, and enjoy the feeling of being a bad guy on a sci-fi story!