Everything about Star Wars and Star Trek

About Star Wars

Star Wars and Star Trek; the two sci-fi franchises that help shape today’s world’s pop culture. Both amass a significant amount of fan bases; each fan base comprises of devoted followers that are ready to defend their revered icon. The two may have different timeline; Star Trek began in 1966 while Star Wars in 1977. But a difference in time of almost ten years does not really mean anything today as the defining line that sets the two apart from each other oftentimes gets blurred. It’s not rare to encounter anyone mistaking one for the other, which irks even the most casual of each franchise’s fans.

There was a time back in the day when Nontonfilm88 being a fan of either Star Trek or Star Wars is a sign of exclusivism. Only those with distinct taste for sci-fi enjoyed the two. However, more than two decades into the 21st millennium, both are a common staple within the confine of today’s pop culture. The latest releases of respective franchises are big news, a flagpole to the studio making the products. New casts, plot details, merchandises, and who directs what, everything is a subject for public to scrutinize.

This is of course in contrast to how it was back in the day. With the invention of the Internet, everything now becomes available for mass consumption. Still, there are people who cannot tell Star Trek from Star Wars. At times, a story plot from one franchise is referred to when talking about the other. To some, this may not be that big of issue to rectify. But to some, this is a great source of shame. Get your updates on both franchises here so the next time you get into a conversation that involves this subject matter, you don’t embarrass yourself and inflict wrath of the nerds all around the world. For more information, just come to BRAND as this offers anything for you.

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