The Most Important Piece of Star Wars and Star Trek Difference

The Most Important Piece of Star Wars and Star Trek Difference

To casual moviegoers such as star trek star wars difference is not something too big of a deal to pay attention to. Both franchises are set in space, involve many characters, and it is easy to mistake one for the other. To a hardcore, devoted fan of either franchise, hearing someone saying the two do not differ in one way or another (or that the two titles can be used interchangeably) is an offense bordering only crime. And you should not confuse the two franchises as they differ in so many ways, more than what you can think of. Curious? Let’s see what sets the two apart from each other.

The first thing about star trek star wars difference is their story. Star Trek was conceived as a TV series from the get-go. It was first imagined as an adventure story oh Horatio Hornblower in Western genre. The concept then evolved into a sci-fi series that put its focus on future human society’s prospect of utopian nature. The series was and is influenced highly by Gulliver’s Travels, a theme which is reflected on the series’ main premise: a space exploration and a society on galactic level along with some conflicts that occasionally take place. Although the series also embraces themes such as time travel, the given timeline for the main plot ranges from the 22nd century through the 24th.

Star Trek was conceived as a TV series

The planet Earth within the Star Trek setting is pretty much the same with real-world Earth, in terms of history. On the other hand, Star Wars was developed mainly in movie format. There was a novel made a year before the first entry of the franchise was released, based on the script, but the true nature of Star Wars was always intended for movie format from the beginning. In general, Star Wars fall under the category of space opera, itself is a subgenre of the larger science fiction umbrella.

Star Wars is about conflicts among the members of a galactic society. These conflicts are the central of the original entries within the franchise while other media such as video game, spinoffs, comics, and novels may depict a period of peace. Star Wars is also famous for its use of opening line “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”, which also serves as a clue for the timeframe at which the stories take place.

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The star trek star wars difference also extends to technical sides of either franchise. There have been six live action TV series under the Star Trek banner, whereas Star Wars has yet to produce its own. There have been zero television films under the banner of Star Trek while Star Wars has at least three of them. These Star Wars’ spinoffs were set in the same universe as other entries but were not canon. Both possess equally strong fan base that devote their passion and dedication to each franchise. The total runtime of Star Trek is 513 hours for its TV series and 23 hours for its films. Star Wars’ total runtime is 84 hours, gathered from the original movies combined with shows that are canon.

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